Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mini-Canvas Fun-to-do Project

After pinning a faux canvas project from blog, I decided to try this project on my own. I have professionally printed photos onto canvas before and the expense is just too much. I thought I would try this fun idea and check out the quality.

On these first projects I used small canvases. I did not want to invest large amounts of $$$ to be disappointed. Since this project was a great success, however, I am on my way to try the method on larger canvases with larger photos. I want to test whether the quality and feel holds up.

I am not going to spell out the step-by-step directions here. Here is the link to the PDF Slide File for you to download. Remember Adobe PDF is free for the read-only version. I have also placed the PowerPoint Presentation on YouTube as a video. Forgive my horrible audio, I am still very new at this and use a microphone I think Thomas Edison used for his first recording.

The PDF slide file is here.

YouTube Video Instructions

Stay tuned for more instructions. I'm going to continue the jewelry instructions. I've done the How to Do a Bottle Cap and I'm working on making a rosary style/chain with beads necklace. Jewelry instructions seem to take forever if you want them clear and easy to follow.

I'm going to be doing some more faux canvases using larger prints. I want to see if this quality keeps up. In between all that is photography and illustrating - along with my transcribing to keep some money coming in.

Let me know of any instructional blogs or ideas you want me to try out. I'm on Pinterest follow me and I'll follow you!

Happy crafting along with hugs and blessings ♥