Sunday, January 5, 2014

Comfort Angels

My New Year's "Resolution" - which I actually made in December - is to follow that little voice within my soul instead of trying to "make a buck."As I've mentioned on my Facebook - I started these Comfort Angels through my daughter's inspiration.

She's a medical assistant at a center for cancer and blood disorders. She purchased an angel from the gift shop for a terminally ill patient. After telling me about the emotion that small gift gave the lady, I thought about how I could help to provide some comfort using my gifts.

I began making angels and placing them in Christmas cards. My daughter took them to work and gave them away as she felt was warranted. She would then tell me the wonderful reactions - even from harden, grumpy men.

After Christmas, I decided that I wanted to continue this "tradition." As I thought about in what manner to distribute these, it evolved from a greeting card into a prayer, bookmark, and angel.

Along the way I have evolved the process of making the angels - changing things and looks such as adding halos. I was also inspired to write a poem/prayer. It was actually going to start out as only a verse in a greeting "get well" card but evolved into something much more.

Nothing happened overnight. The prayer itself took over a week of tweaking - and praying over - until I was happy enough to show it to my daughter. Writing something for someone who is possibly terminal is extremely difficult.

You do not want to sound completely down but yet a false happy feeling is not called for as well. Through a lot of prayer and contemplation, I am pleased with what I was inspired to write.

I am selling these through Etsy and my website - not for profit - but only to cover costs and postage. I have also made a PDF presentation for those of you who would like to make your own.

I will make updated instructions that conform more to the looks of my current angels.

You may use and distribute the poem/prayer as you wish to people and patients you feel need a bit of comfort. Please - do not use my poem for your own profit. This was developed for people who find a bit of comfort in the words.

Enjoy - and follow me this year along my adventures of following my spirit and soul's inner voice.

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I look forward to seeing what you create. Be inspired. Comfort those who are not strong at this time.