Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More on Polyvore

I'm ecstatic! Got a lot of admin work done today. A new tutorial on making a pendant with artwork you love. Got a comment that I should have shown the original artwork I used (along with the resulting pendants). A big DUH on my part. That definitely would have been great.

The resulting tutorial :
 Tutorial PDF

I will searching my archives for the original artwork for these pendants.

Another "to-do" accomplished - all websites set up and functioning. And impressed with Polyvore. I have actually figured out how to have the Polyvore set I just created show up on my Website page (can you tell I'm excited?)

I created this Polyvore from my CafePress shop. Using Polyvore's actions - it posted immediately - upon my click - to this blog. How great.

Another great thing - click on the items in the set, go to Polyvore, click on "Buy from CafePress" AND it goes to MY SHOP! Not the marketplace - directly to my shop. That sends out a big yippee.

So check out my set. I'm going to be doing much more with my fellow POD friends. I'm into home decor - I'll leave fashions to those who are in the "know." Looking forward to more fun!