Thursday, May 14, 2015

The continuing saga of a website creation ...

Been pretty proud of myself this week. I've had A LOT of transcription work and yet I have continued creating and working on my website.

I miss Wix - haven't been there other than to copy product information. But there's just so much to play with!!! Wonderful tools and play toys - very little SEO. To repeat and remind - I did upgrade from the free version to the eCommerce site. You were able to use Wix for everything from the shopping cart to customer service. They had all the platforms right there on Wix. It was so simple to link to outside information also.

To remind everyone of the issue with Wix - very little SEO. I found out about Shopify through Wix. They had and integrated platform with them. I loaded the Shopify app onto my Wix eCommerce site and it turned one page into my Shopify store. This store, however, was extremely limited.

So I jumped into the Shopify ocean - it feels like I went head first. In my previous post I was stomping my feet about the plain, simplicity of the Shopify look. No toys!! But alas, once again I have been handed my words on a silver platter ready for my consumption.

Shopify is DEEP. You do have a lot of control over what is going on there. The problem is you have to dig for the information. I guess that means Shopify is not user-friendly especially if the user has little or no experience in websites.

I quite accidentally (I believe through Googling something) bumped into Shopify "docs." This is where they have all their info and questions. Shopify Docs

Wow - what a treasure trove! They have wonderful screenshots for any question. So it isn't a matter of "how'd they do that?" as you pull your hair out. I can very simply go from the docs screen to my Shopify dashboard - following each screen shot and each tab or menu they show. I have learned how to show only women's t-shirts or kid shirts.

They are a fascinating site in that your site really does only come with a few pages. It's when the customer clicks on the menu showing "women's t-shirts" that the behind the scenes classifications work their magic and bing - there's only the women's t-shirts.

My SEO problem no longer exists. I'm permitted to put in my search terms for each design on each product. They have fantastic analytics.

But I am just never happy. They limit you on variants to 100. While that sounds like a lot it is quite limited in the world of t-shirts. So you have sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 5XL. That's 8 variants right there.

Now believe it or not - I have 38 choices of color. I could limit the choices but if they're available - why should I? I mean if somebody were to leave my site because I decided not to list yellow - I don't know. I have no idea how I would figure out which colors to use and which to drop.

There's no way in the great blue sky I can use all these colors. That would be 288 variants! So this was my dilemma of this week.

Searching through "docs" I found that you can add a space for input from the customer. Now, I was already wondering about this for customizing t-shirts with a name. Yes, the customer could email me a request but that would not tie the request with a specific order.

So, yes, you can add forms to Shopify through a site called "JotForm." They have a free version for beginners. I could sell 10 t-shirts a month using their form for zip, zero, nada. Their form automatically ties the request with the order through the customer's name. Again, behind the scenes magic.

My JotForm can be used anywhere - blogs, other sites - wherever I can place HTML.

HTML - you notice that it's a four-letter "word?" Yup, to use this I have to go into the HTML mode of the site which I had thought you couldn't do on Shopify. But yes you can!

So I will use this form for any special requests of a name or group name or whatever a person may want on their shirt. A customer can even upload a pic to place on a t-shirt. This is where I may place the color choice.

I have a t-shirt of each of the colors available on the site. If you click on the t-shirt it takes you to a pop up of the shirt in every color. If you click "add to cart" my request form will pop up. Here you can request a name and choose a color - I think.

I will play and get a headache. A lot of reading to do which I've been doing in between my transcription work. Both of which will contribute to my headache.

You're always welcome to visit either of my sites. Wix is no longer upgraded. And Shopify is far from complete. But if you're curious about what the sites have - please go look. Sign up - remember misery loves company.

My Wix still has eCommerce until the end of this month.