Friday, July 3, 2015

Giving up on the Pinterest Buy Buttons

My Shopify website is complete. I'm just adding inventory at this point - which seems to take forever. Now I understand why sites like Society 6 are much easier than your own website. People complain about having to have different sized images for S6 - but when it's your own site - you have to actually make up all those images. It's mind boggling the length of time it takes.

But back to Pinterest Buy Buttons. I had blogged about how they would reject my option of downloading an image. Well, little did I know my site could not have downloads at all. After hours of giving downloads their own page - I got a reject from Pinterest this morning.

I'm not 100% sure it was my download situation. Their reject email only stated

Unfortunately, since your business contains products not allowed by Pinterest’s Advertising Rules, Pinterest was unable to approve your application.

After reading their fine print, the only thing I can figure that I did incorrectly was downloads. Well, you know what, they're not worth anymore of my time. If they cannot spend the time to tell me specifically what was wrong with my submission, I cannot waste my time trying to appease their somewhat ridiculous requirements.

I did, by the way, ask for specifics. We'll see how long it takes for an answer.

And so, once again, it appears everything is for the "big boys." I scold myself for ever taking the time to perform back bends to appease their somewhat insatiable requirement for me to be a model store.

I will now concentrate on making enough handcrafted products to qualify for Amazon's handcrafted market which definitely seems to be much more profitable.

If you are looking to apply Pinterest Buy Buttons to your site's repertoire - good luck. Let me know if you "make it" to their elite group. I'm just a little angry that they could not take the time to separate my submission from those with violence, adult-only, drug ridden products not allowed - and tell me specifically what's wrong.