Saturday, October 24, 2015

Loving Shopify - not so much Pinterest or Amazon Handcrafted

Been a long time since we last "spoke." Have had too much going on - too many sites to be on.

That is the first issue with joining Amazon Handcrafted. Another added site to take care of. I was not as lucky as many other H@A (Handcrafters at Amazon). I have not had a sale nor have I had many views.

But Shopify has been different. I have been taking Mei Pak's (CreativeLive) 30-day Challenge and I must say it's amazing. I had watched the free broadcast of three of her programs - Selling on Social, Contests, and actually a few others.

Through her CreativeLive programs, I joined her private FB group where I learned about the A Sale-a-Day 30 day Challenge. When I first looked at it - I thought, not for me. I thought I had the perfect website, the perfect plan.

But something told me to just go ahead and try.

Day One - Setting Goals - this has always been difficult for me since I dislike planning for anything immensely. My thoughts are that every time I attempt to plan anything - everything and anything goes wrong.

Let's go on a field trip next Thursday. It rains or it's 200 degrees in the shade.

I'm going to finish posting my jewelry. Phone calls, interruptions, loss of internet for an hour - roadblock after roadblock.

But, hey, I'm a glutton for punishment, so let's move on. A sale a day? Yes, okay, that's my goal.

The next step of building a cohesive product line was not at difficult as I had anticipated. After looking at my website with a clearer approach - I noticed it did look like a "garage sale." I think this is an issue of many crafters. We dabble in so many different aspects of craft - and we want to sell it all.

But what really tugs at your heart? What is the very essence of your soul (to get a little poetic)?

Since I'm in my second try at childhood, I traveled back to my teens when boho was basically "invented." I do love all things hippie (and groovy) so it is a logical choice as my main theme.

Since being on Amazon has limited my crafty selling to jewelry, this was also a contributor to my choice.

Now on Shopify, I have added some apps - one of which does cost a monthly fee. I'm paying for ShopStorm Product Customizer and haven't looked back. I originally started this app because Shopify does not supply enough variants for all the t-shirt colors I wanted to carry (if a color is available, why not carry it? Well, not completely true but I'll talk about that in the future). They also give options for customization AND GET THIS - people can upload their images.

So it is for this reason that I do pay for this app in addition to Shopify fees. It is also a reason I do not like H@A. I can ask if someone would like customization in text. I can ask about size and limited color. But I cannot have someone upload a pic to put into a necklace or charm.

Another issue with Shopify versus Amazon is I must have the lowest price available on Amazon. This leaves me in a quandary when it comes to coupons on Shopify. Is Amazon looking at the price on the "system" and so a coupon would not necessarily play into this?

Another obligation I have taken on through Mei Pak's Challenge is to maintain this blog, keep up with social media - and everything else I hadn't had a problem doing on a daily basis.

Blog - check
Social Media - been on Twitter and Instagram much more - actually enjoying.
Look Book - is my next "large" project. I'm coordinating a "look book" with my website.

  • Wikipedia's definition - lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a photographer, a style, or stylist or a clothing line. 
So stay tuned as I get my act together. I will not go through Mei Pak's Challenge step-by-step. If you're interested in getting her challenge, check her out on her blog at

You will not be sorry to take her challenge. Follow me along on mine!