Saturday, December 12, 2015

What tools do I need for Jewelry Tutorials?

At a Black Friday sale at the hobby store Micheal's, I found "mini-ornaments" on sale for 50% off! I went mad collecting them as my daughter had requested Christmas earrings as gifts for her co-workers at the cancer center where she is a medical assistant.
As I assembled them I made up a quicky tutorial which will be posted shortly. If you have any questions, please comment or email me. I'm glad to help. You may be able to get deals since it's closer to Christmas.
People may wonder why I make tutorials of things I actually sell - well, it's because I want people to see the work and care that goes into what I make. For those consumers who feel they can make it for less - here's how I do it.
NOW to get started in jewelry:
For any jewelry tutorial you're going to need tools. While you can purchase tools at any hobby store, I caution you that in tools you really do get what you pay for.
You will need:
 Chain nose pliers. Many non-jewelry pliers (being sold in the jewelry section) have serrations on the jaws of the pliers. These ridges will mar any wire or bead. Check the pliers you are purchasing!
 Flat nose pliers. Again, many hobby stores have these pliers with serrations (ridges) on the jaws. Make sure the jaws are smooth and clear of any imperfections. These pliers have a "square" tip on the jaw.
Round nose or Rosary pliers Round nose (or Rosary) pliers. On these pliers, make sure when you close the jaws they actually touch each other at the base. Here is a pic:
 Cutting pliers. These are called "side cutters" are are the type of cutters used for most jewelry projects.
The above tools will help you with any jewelry project. Again, any questions, please comment on this blog or email me.
Here is a handy-dandy PDF file with a page for printing out to take to the store with you!
 PDF Jewelry Tools - What do I need?